Inspirational stories that deserve to be told. Introducing our new magazine and a new sporting chapter.

A MAGAZINE covering women’s sport? Telling amazing stories of inspirational people performing at the highest level in their chosen field? Most of them Scots too? In this old-fashioned format we used to call a print magazine?

What are the chances of someone being mad enough to go along with that we hear you say. Well, truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Here at Sportswoman we want to introduce you to all of the above.

As Scottish Women in Sport founder Maureen McGonigle recounts in her column later in these pages, it’s all down to numbers. Figures that reveal that not only are women athletes not as well paid as their male counterparts, they are not on a level playing field in many other vital areas.

The majority of the athletes in the following pages have performed at the highest level across the globe. Some are rightly feted within their chosen sports but many are far from being the household names they should be. A lack of coverage celebrating many of these achievements, leads in turn to a lack of investment in sponsorship. These facts and the overall lack of powerful role models is undoubtedly one of the issues which sees young women less likely than their male counterparts to be involved in lifeenhancing sport.

‘A lack of coverage celebrating sporting success leads to a lack of role models’

Despite our choice of magazine name, which covers everyone from amateur athletes to Olympians and Paralympians, gender isn’t what will drive our content. We just like great stories, no matter the sport, no matter the level, and we want to share them with you. In our first issue we think we’ve found a few that fit the bill. We’ve got a number of athletes battling to qualify for Rio as well as some who have already booked their seat on the plane.

Then there’s Paralympian Libby Clegg who is determined to go and cheer on her brother, regardless of how her own campaign turns out.

We have the inspirational Katherine Grainger, the adventurous Lee Craigie and amateur running coach, the amazing Ann Lister.

In focusing on one of Scotland’s greatest hills, Myrid Ramsay describes a route and journey you won’t get from reading the directions and unfolding a map.

Scotland’s most-capped netball player, Lesley MacDonald, and another Olympian, volleyball star Lynne Beattie, share their stories and Charline Joiner her fitness tips.

We could go on, but it’s probably better if you just read it for yourself. We hope you like it. Let us know. Enjoy the start of our new journey together.