Why every week should be Women’s Sport Week

Women in sport are there 365 days a year, not just 7, says SWIS's Maureen McGonigle


Womens Sport Week – a week where we all take time out to raise awareness of the many different facets of sport whether it be about our athletes, coaches, supporters or volunteers. So many good stories to tell of success and overcoming adversity.

Let’s be honest here, we are not living in a parallel universe, we are all part of the one big team and living under the same blue sky and as such we should all have access to the same opportunities. That is equality. As in so many aspects of life, that is still so far away.

However, with women in sport I can feel a sense of change. Perhaps many people are a bit disillusioned about the state of sport at the moment and looking for an alternative. Perhaps they have had enough of negative headlines on issues like doping scandals?

So why do we need a specific week? First of all it is good to have the focus to raise awareness. Secondly, togetherness is strength and together raising awareness will show the depth and breadth of women in sport, something that our media seem to miss in a normal day to day basis.

Figures are still extremely low in terms of mainstream representation in the media, however social media – well that’s another story.  Women in sport have mastered the art of getting their message across.

Another bright light, at the end of what has been a very dark tunnel, is of course Sportswoman, the magazine. What a good read this magazine is and everyone who has been fortunate enough to secure a copy is of the same mind. In-depth interviews with people who are making a difference to the sporting landscape for women, with great pictures to complement it.

However a word of caution here, we must support this initiative. Use it or lose it – that’s the scenario. If we want a print magazine we must put our hands in our pocket and help make a great investment in the future of our women and girls in sport.

And, as this WSW comes to an end, let’s not forget women in sport are there 365 days in a year, not just 7.

Maureen McGonigle is the founder of the charity Scottish Women in Sport. For further information go to www.scottishwomeninsport.co.uk