Scottish Rugby launches drive to boost number of female players

SCOTTISH Rugby has launched a campaign to increase the number of women and girls playing the game, featuring international Emma Wassell.

The #BeTheBestYou digital campaign is aimed at using video and social media to highlight the attractions of the sport, while coaching sessions will focus on the enjoyment and social scene players enjoy.

Scottish Rugby is out to encourage women of all ages and fitness levels to try rugby through

It’s also part of a wider concept to increase the player pool and brand Scottish rugby as Everyone’s Game.

There are now 192 women’s sides in Scotland, up from 112 three years ago, and Hillhead Jordanhill’s Jade Konkel, who features in our next print edition of Sportswoman Magazine, has led the way at elite level by becoming the nation’s first pro woman star.

Sheila Begbie, Head of Women’s and Girl’s Rugby at Scottish Rugby said: “We are very excited about the possibilities #BeTheBestYou can have for female rugby this year. There are many reasons why people take up a particular sport, to keep fit and test themselves physically, however with this campaign we wanted to show there is a lot more to women’s rugby than simply the physical benefits of being active and want it to really help raise its profile and get people talking about the game and how enjoyable it is on many different levels.”

Scotland Women international Emma Wassell, who features in the advertising campaign, said: “I have loved my time in rugby. It is a sport that welcomes everyone and you very quickly make friends and create bonds that last. The physical side of the game is fun, it gives you a goal to train for and there is no better feeling than winning a match with your friends.

“The values of rugby make the game what it is and for me it creates a very respectful and positive environment for young players to develop in. I hope this campaign gets people talking about women’s rugby and our sport continues to grow.”

The ads were shot at the home of Scottish Rugby, BT Murrayfield, and feature players from the Greenock Wanderers, Hillhead Jordanhill, Cartha Queen’s Park, Watsonians, Edinburgh University and Murrayfield Wanderers clubs.